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Miata Door, Headrest, & Windblocker Speakers

SaleMillennium-5  Headrest Speakers, Set/4, 90-97 

Millennium-5 Speakers

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Our best selling Millennium-5 speakers for the 90-97 Miata headrest with rectangular speakers. Direct plug-and-play installation requiring only simple hand tools and 10-15 minutes. Set of 4 to replace the HR speakers in both seats. Catalog Millennium-5

$82.49 set/4

$78.37 set/4

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SaleHeadrest Speakers Retrofit Kit, 90-97

Retrofit Kit

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This is it! Our exclusive Retrofit Kit. Headrest speaker boxes, mounting hardware, acoustic insulation, and speakers. Exact oem fit with no cutting of the seat. Provides headrest audio for both seats. Not for M-Edition. Catalog Retrofit_kit 

$109.99 set/4

$104.49 set/4

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M800 Miata 2-way Door Speakers,
Set of 2, 1990-2015


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Our legendary M800 2-way premium door speakers. Exact oem fit with no cutting or drilling of the door and uses the existing wiring. Simple screwdriver install. Incredible bass. Fits 1990-2015 Miata. Also direct fit for 96-98 MPV and 95-98 Protege. Catalog M800 

From $109.99/pr
From $104.49/pr

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M200 Miata Windblocker Speakers,
Set of 2, 1999-2005


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Finally great windblocker sound! Exact oem fit with no cutting, drilling, or wire splicing. Simple screwdriver installation. Includes acoustic insulation. Replaces both Bose and non-Bose windblocker speakers in the 1999-2005 Miata. And yes, you can retrofit a Bose/non-Bose windblocker into any 1999-2005. Catalog M200 



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Retrofit Kit Special Edition

Retrofit Kit SE


Discontinued - please see our M170 speakers to the right


M170 Headrest  Speakers

M170 Speakers

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New! Our M170 speakers are a drop in upgrade for 90-97 Miata's that shipped with the round headrest speakers. These were primarily found in the M-Edition, Limited Edition, and Special Edition trims. Catalog M170

Set/4 $139.49
Set/2, $69.99

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Headrest Speaker Boxes, set of 4, 90-97

Miata Headrest Speaker Boxes

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Just need speaker boxes to replace damaged or missing originals? No longer available from Mazda but ours are an exact oem fit and feature a simple screwdriver installations. Set of 4 for two seats. Includes mouting hardware for the boxes and speakers and acoustic insulation. Catalog NABX1

Set/4 $34.95

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Headrest Speaker Boxes, set of 2, 90-97

Miata Headrest Speaker Boxes


Just need speaker boxes for one seat? These are what you're looking for. Includes mounting hardware for the boxes and speakers and acoustic insulation. Catalog NABX1_2

Set/2 $19.99

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Millennium-5 Headrest Speakers, Set/2, 90-97

Millennium-5, set of 2


Want headrest speakers for just one seat in your Miata? No problem. We call this our 'to heck with the passengers' package. Catalog Millennium-5/2


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