90-97 Miata Headrest Speaker Boxes

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3MS Miata Headrest Speaker BoxMazda long ago ceased producing the headrest speaker boxes for the Miata, so what could you do if you had a model that didn't come with headrest speakers or if a previous owner had removed them?

While you could always stuff some loose speakers in the headrests, speakers need to be in a proper enclosure to deliver good sound and power handling. Also, we don't think it's safe to have loose speakers located right behind your head where they might shift or come loose in an accident.

The 3rd Millennium NABX1 speaker box solves the problem. Constructed out of extruded ABS just like the originals, our boxes fit the factory seat mounting points perfectly and work with either our Millennium-5 speakers or the original factory speakers.

We even include the necessary 28 screws to mount the boxes into the seat and the speakers into the boxes. No cutting or modifications of your seats is necessary and there will be no unsightly bulges - you just get a perfect fit.

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Here's what you get:

  • (4) NABX1 speaker boxes
  • Mounting hardware for both the boxes and the speakers
  • Polyfill acoustic insulation
  • Simple screwdriver installation
  • Installation Guide
  • The comfort of a 30-day 'no questions asked' money back guarantee
  • Confidence of a 1-year limited warranty direct from the manufacturer

M5 Headrest Speaker Box M5 Headrest Speaker Box

Our NABX1 is customer designed specifically for the seats in the 1990-1997 Miata and provides an exact oem fit.

  1. Material: ABS
  2. Country of Origin: Made in the USA

The speaker boxes were a perfect fit. Easy, straight forward install. Thanks for providing a great product. Dave