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Latest News

22/12/20 - Introducing our M170 speakers for the 1st generation Miata's that shipped with the upgraded audio system with round headrest speakers. The M170s are an exact fit, drop in replacement for these Special/Limited Edition Miata's. Excellent fidelity. Info and ordering here.

22/10/07 - Big news coming for both ND owners and also for 1st gen owners with the round Pioneer speakers in the headrests. Stay tuned...

22/09/22 - Thanks to everyone for their patience during our recent move. Everything went well and we're ready for the 2022 holiday season!

22/09/13 - Due to our growth, we have a major moving and equipment re-work project coming up this Thursday, 9/15 - 9/21. So all orders placed during this time will ship out Thursday, 9/22.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

22/07/10 - Miata Day was HUGE! Over 245 Miata's gathered for Mass Miata Club's 22nd Annual Miata Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA this past Sunday. We got to meet many 3rd Millennium customers and enjoy the great weather and the largest grouping of Miata's that we've ever seen. Everything from brand-new 2022's to perfectly restored 1990's, to $500 beaters. It was a blast!

Miata Day 2022

22/05/31 - If you live in the Boston area, visit us for Miata Day at the Lars Andersen Museum in Brookline Massachusetts July 10, 2022. Sponsored by the Mass Miata Club, members and Miata owners from all over New England come to this lawn event to show their rides and spend time with other owners. 3rd Millennium will be there with one of our Miata's for a sound demo and also to offer a limited number of products for sale at very special prices.

22/04/01 - We are able to resume shipments to Australia and New Zealand by using UPS Worldwide Service instead of the U.S. Postal Service who, as of this date, is still not shipping to these countries because of logistics problems for packages once in-country. Please make sure to include your phone number with your order as it's required for Customs paperwork with UPS.

21/10/21 - After an 8-month wait, we have finally received needed supplies for our M800s, so there won't be any stock issues in 2022.

3/1/2021 - While delayed for a number of reasons, we are finally shipping our Retrofit Kit SE. Once we process orders for everyone that's been on our waiting list, we'll open the website for general ordering. Thanks everyone for your patience.

8/20/2020 - We just completed the first run of NA headrest inserts for our Retrofit Kit SE. If you aren't familiar with this project, the 1st generation M-Edition Miata had a different headrest speaker setup but standard boxes with our upgraded Millennium-5 speakers can be fitted if you use the standard Miata seat insert. Up until now the only alternative was to scour junkyards for these pieces, but we've had a mold created and are now vacuum forming our own pieces. Check out an uncut sample from our first run:

Miata Seat Insert

These will get trimmed, holes drilled for sound passage just like the originals, and upholstery foam attached to the face. We should be shipping the first batch in the next week or two.

6/17/2020 - We just finished our initial production run of M800s and we are now shipping! We appreciate everyone patience as we work to fill more than 200 orders from users on our waiting list. Thanks!

5/25/2020 - We are on track for receiving the remaining parts needed for our M800 speakers in June so shipping before the end-of-the-month seems realistic. We'll keep everyone updated as new information is received.

4/7/2020 - M800s out of Stock - As expected (see our previous news post) we are now sold out of M800s speakers. To recap, we source parts for our speakers from all over the world and supply chains everywhere have been severely disrupted as businesses have shut down or greatly curtailed their production. Get on the M800 waitlist here and we'll notify you as soon as we have stock available to ship.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

3/12/20 - Coronavirus update - while are speakers are manufactured here in the U.S., we do source components for them from around the world including China and Italy. As you can imagine, there have been significant disruptions in supply chains and this will be affecting availability of some of our products. Specifically, our very popular M800s are selling at their highest rate ever and we anticipate being out of stock on these in the next month or two. This is as frustrating for us as for anyone that can't purchase a set of M800s when they want. We order needed parts & supplies as much as 6-months in advance but in this extreme case, that hasn't been enough to cover demand. So we apologize in advance for what's coming - we'll keep everyone posted.

11/11/2019 - It was a busy summer & fall here at 3rd Millennium. We picked up a new 2012 Sport and have already started some product development for the NCs. As part of our work with the NCs we put in a nice quality headunit and amp and shot a video of the whole process for anyone that wants to check it out. It's a 5-part series on our YouTube channel.

7/18/2018 - New product! All our speakers for the Miata include the correct connectors so they directly plug in to the stock Miata harness. But many owners still need to do some wiring and other electrical work. While we already provide a couple of special electrical connector crimpers, we've had owners ask us about soldering, so we've located an inexpensive but decent soldering iron we've have listed shortly. We're also going to list a neat little spool of the correct electrical solder to use for wiring. And to top it all off, we're shooting a video that shows you how to make the perfect solder connection every time - even if you've never soldered before.

Everything should be posted and live on our site by the end of July, so check back soon.

7/15/2018 - Miata Day at the Larz Anderson Museum was perfect weather again this year and there were over 180 Miata's at the show! Here are a few pictures:

Miata Day1 

Miata Day2

4/10/2018 - Our replacement Air Horn Kit is now available. We've switched the horn from Stebel to Marco - same installation and pricing but much higher quality.

2/19/18 - We've decided to stop selling the Stebel airhorn effective 1/31/18. Stebel has been having serious quality control problems since they moved manufacturing from Italy to China and we can no longer recommend the product.

The good news is that we have located a very similar but far superior quality product as a replacement. We're testing fit with all our kits and while the initial review looks good, we still need to double check a few items. We'll get an email out to the entire customer list when we're ready to ship.

11/5/2017 - We're gearing up for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Stay tuned!

7/16/2017 - the 2017 Miata Day at the Larz Andersen Museum in Brookline MA was a great success. Over 160 Miata's and absolutely perfect weather. What's not to like?

Larz Museum Miata Day

We got to talk to many previous customers and many new prospects that needed help with Miata sound.