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M800 Speakers

Direct-fit premium sound is now available for your 1990 - 2023 Miata and 2016+ Fiat 124! Let us introduce you to our M800 2-way door speakers! Available exclusively from 3rd Millennium, the M800s are an exact fit for the 1990-1997 doors. The 1999-2015 Miata requires our AD1 Mounting Kit and 2016+ models & the 2016+ Fiat 124 require our AD2 Mounting Kit - select bundle below (not compatible with 2009-2015 Bose radio).

The M800s just screw into place with no drilling, cutting, or modification of your Miata. We've even manufactured the M800 with a special harness so they just plug in to your existing door wiring. It's a screwdriver-only plug and play install!M800s

And the sound is an an astonishing improvement over stock or cheap aftermarket speakers. We designed the M800 specifically for the Miata doors. The M800 features a 155mm polypropylene woofer cone, a large magnet structure, a butyl rubber surround, and a 27mm mylar tweeter with crossover. The result? Extended low frequency response with an ultra-smooth high-end. By themselves or coupled with our Millennium-5 headrest speakers, our M170 headrest speakers for Special/Limited Edition 1st gen Miata's, or our 1999-2005 M200 windblocker speakers, you'll have the ultimate Miata sound experience.M800 Speaker

Installation in your Miata literally takes minutes and only requires a screwdriver as the M800s are an exact fit and use the existing speaker screw holes (the 1999-2015 Miata requires our AD1 Mounting Kit and the 2016+ Miata & Fiat 124 requires our AD2 Mounting Kit - bundles below). And with our included harness adapter, you simply plug them in to the stock factory wiring. There's no splicing, soldering, crimping, drilling, or struggling to install.

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