Replacement Drivers

Need just a single replacement 3rd Millennium driver? You're in the right place.

Order complete speaker sets here and mounting accessories here



Single replacement M800 driver. Includes new stainless steel mounting hardware. Reuse your existing harness or order a replacement here


Catalog M800_Driver

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Single replacement Millennium-5 driver. Reuse your existing mounting hardware or order replacement hardware here.


Catalog M5_Driver

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Single replacement M200 driver with attached harness and new stainless steel mounting screws.


Catalog M200_Driver

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Headrest Speaker Box, 90-97

Miata Headrest Speaker Boxes

Single headrest speaker box for the 90-97 Miata. Includes mouting hardware for the box and speakers and acoustic insulation.

Single Box $10.00

Catalog NABX1_1

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