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Wiring Kit for Miata Seats

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If you have a Base model Miata that didn't come with any headrest speakers, or if you're starting over or fitting the Miata seats into another make auto, our Wiring Kit has all the installation accessories you'll need to get the job done except for whatever harness adapter your radio/head unit may require.

Mazda Miata Headrest Speaker Wiring Kit

We include:

A couple of notes.

If you're not familiar with Molex connectors, they do require a special crimping tool to attach the wire to the pins. We have the correct genuine Molex tool available here.

The disconnects are crimped with a normal insulated terminal crimper. We also have inexpensive terminal crimpers available if you need one.

And lastly, when pushing the disconnects onto the speakers, support the rear of the terminal with your fingers as the disconnects will be very tight as they are new. A little bit of wiggling as you push the terminal on usually helps.

Wiring Kit, $18.95 Add to Cart